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The rates and application fees for La Luz ECC for full days areas follows (and are on a per month basis):


NOTE: A 10% sibling discount is applied to the lower of the tuition amounts and an additional 10% twin discount is also offered. If your child does not start immediately upon acceptance and/or registration (1st day of new school year or any time thereafter), you will be assessed at a rate of 50% of child's tuition amount per month, with no discounts, to hold your child's space



Full Time
3 Days/Weeks
2 Days/Week
One Year Olds (Young Toddlers
Two Year Olds (Older Toddlers)

Drop-in Rates:

Infants and Young Toddlers
Older Toddlers, Preschool and Pre-K

Application Fees:

First year, Non-Refundable
Renewal fee/year, Non-Refundable
Deposit (refundable with 30 day written notice)
Supply Fee for Full Time
Supply Fee for Part Time